Last updated: 5/11/2015 - (General category)

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    DeathRun rules

  1. Do not intentionally stall or delay the round.
  2. a. If players are waiting for you for the round to end, then go do whatever you should for the round to end. (Proceed through traps, go fight the Death, etc.)

  3. Do not spam the traps as death.
  4. a. Don't activate a bunch of traps in a short amount of time without any runners being there to kill.

  5. If there is more than one person on the Death team, take turns at the traps.
  6. a. Take one trap, then skip as many other Death players as there are, repeat this until the end of the map so every Death has the chance to control traps.

    b. If someone is rushing and there are no other Death nearby to intercept, it's okay for you to take more traps to try and stop the rusher.

  7. No free passes.
  8. a. Do not let runners through by not activating the traps.

  9. Do not dodge Death.
  10. a. This includes disconnecting or going AFK while on the Death team.

  11. Do not camp during mini-games.
  12. a. When the runners reach the end, you can not camp entrances, exits, teleporters, etc... and wait for the enemy to come to you. You must actively look for and fight the enemy. #sovietrussia

  13. No ghosting. Defined as;
  14. a. While dead, affecting the gameplay whatsoever by helping the players who are still alive.

  15. No teamkilling.
  16. a. Do not kill your own teammates with traps, by tricking them or otherwise.