Last updated: 9 May 2020 - (Rule 5)

    LifePunch General rules (Click a rule to see its details)

  1. You are responsible for your account and what happens with it on
  2. Do not ban evade.
  3. Do not spam or flood.
  4. Do not hack, bypass SE, use external scripts/software that affect the game, abuse bugs or exploits.
  5. Do not pool LP$ with others to increase your chances of winning raffles.
  6. No sprays with shock material (gore/torture/etc), non human nudity, non adult nudity or with sexual acts.
  7. Do not farm LP$, DBL, Snowballs or XP.
  8. Do not intentionally be mean or communicatively attack another player.
  9. When an EVIP or Staff member asks you to stop doing something, stop.
  10. Do not ask for LP$ from other players in any shape whatsoever.
  11. Do not let LP$ affect the gameplay.
  12. Do not scam.
  13. Do not reveal or hint to the identity or presence of a disguised staff member.
  14. Do not advertise.
  15. Do not impersonate other players.