Last updated: 10 May 2020 - (Updated rule 11)

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    JailBreak rules (Click a rule to see its details)

  1. Do not position hats on your models in a way that hides holstered weapons.
  2. Do not intentionally stall or delay the round.
  3. The Warden must give his orders through microphone.
  4. The Warden must not make his speech hard to understand. Defined as;
  5. The Warden may not try to trick prisoners by giving orders that could have several meanings.
  6. Guards and prisoners may not try to trick other prisoners with orders. Only the warden can.
  7. Guards must obey the Warden.
  8. No teamkilling.
  9. Guards may only attack rebels, a prisoner they are last requesting against or a prisoner that has lost or completed his last request. Rebels defined as;
  10. Prisoners may refuse to follow an order that will inevitably kill them. Defined as;
  11. Prisoners may refuse to participate in opinionated games and choose to be deathrolled at a 1/3 chances of survival instead. Opinionated games defined as;
  12. Guards may not gun or tool plant. Defined as;
  13. Only tranquilize prisoners if necessary. Necessary defined as;
  14. Guards may not intentionally block prisoners from following the Warden's orders. Defined as;
  15. The Warden must explain the rules of his game BEFORE he makes the prisoners play it if it's not described in the help page's glossary.
  16. Only the Warden can shoot prisoners that lose his current game.
  17. The last guard alive (or if the others have disconnected) may kill everyone left if there are 3 or more prisoners still alive.
  18. No ghosting. Defined as;
  19. Do not stay in the same spot for more than 30 seconds.
  20. Guards may not open or close the cell door(s) without the Warden's permission.
  21. Do not act against a prisoner or guard for something they did in a previous round.
  22. Simon Says can only be started by the warden with "We are now playing Simon Says".
  23. Simon Says can only be ended by the warden with "We are no longer playing Simon Says".
  24. Give others a chance to be Warden.
  25. The warden must make his games fair for the prisoners and must not kill an unreasonable amount of them with each "round" of his game. Defined as;
  26. Favoritism towards certain prisoners is forbidden. Favoritism defined as;
  27. No intentionally giving freedays, games that last the whole round or giving a game that leads to a majority of the prisoners to get a weapon and kill all the guards. Defined as;
  28. If the Warden dies, the rest of the round is a freeday.
  29. If the cell doors are opened or if it reaches 7:00 before a valid order is given to the prisoners by the Warden, the rest of the round is a freeday.
  30. The prisoners must be let out of the cells by 5:00. Once the prisoners are out, they can not be returned to the cells.
  31. During freedays, guards may not give orders to the prisoner except;
  32. The Warden may not restrict typing in chat for either team nor microphone use for the guard team.
  33. Opposite days and any variation of it are forbidden.
  34. Only the Warden can allow or deny custom last requests.
  35. Custom last requests may only last until the end of the current round.
  36. Guards may not cheat during last request.
  37. Healing during a last request is forbidden if it gives either player an advantage in the current last request.
  38. Guards may refuse to participate in a custom last request if it gives them no chance at all to win the last request. (e.g; all guards suicide)
  39. Prisoners may not try to pick a new last request if they lose against the last guard alive.
  40. Guards and the Warden may not interfere in a last request they are not part of unless the prisoner is a rebel, then they may kill him. For example;
  41. During and after Gun Toss, the prisoner must throw first and decides the throw spot and direction. He must share the throw spot and direction upon request from any guard alive. Once both throws are completed, it is forbidden to lie about who threw the farthest and won. Losing guards must suicide immediately. Losing prisoners may suicide or rebel.
  42. Do not talk over the warden.